Sunday, September 8, 2013

Happy 5th Macy!

Macy and her friends decorated their own cupcakes.  
Most of the cupcakes ended up so decorated that they were inedible!   

Conrad ate the yummiest part of his cupcake!

Bode managed to eat his, and the bottle of chocolate sprinkles he used to decorate his cupcake!

Macy and Paige

Macy and Hawken

Bode helped blow out the candle too

Macy and Erica

Macy with her Birthday Cookie on her birthday.  The Luau/Hula Girl theme was prevalent around the house for over a week!  

Granny's Birthday Cake Masterpiece
She did a beautiful job and we are so grateful that she takes the time and care to create such wonderful centerpieces for the kids' birthdays.  This one was no exception!  
The flower cupcakes that make up the lei took her over two hours!
We love you Granny!

Our Birthday Hula Girl!
We are so proud of our Macy Lue!  She is a wonderful daughter and big sister and we could not ask for more!  I can't believe that she is 5 years old already.  
Thanks to all the friends and family that helped us celebrate her big day - it was so much fun!  

Volcano Cake How To

Step By Step instructions/pictures for erupting Volcano Cake
The pictures are pretty self explanatory
It was really pretty easy - and the kids loved it!

It was much easier to pipe some frosting around the cake and then spread it.

Ready for decorating!  The kids enjoyed embellishing the volcano with candies as much as they enjoyed eating them as they worked!

To make it erupt:  Follow directions on package of jello.  When jello liquid is boiling hot, pour into the cup in the center of the volcano.  Drop a chunk of dry ice into the cup and enjoy the show!  We kept adding dry ice and hot liquid to prolong the show.  Eventually the liquid starts to bubble up and over the rim of the volcano and looks like hot lava.  

Volcano Cake!

Macy's Erupting Volcano Cake!

For Macy's 5th birthday, she asked for a "luau with flower necklaces for everybody and a volcano cake that erupts!"  The leis I could handle, the volcano cake left me a bit stumped, thank goodness for You Tube!
I found an idea for an erupting volcano cake made out of angel food cake, tons of chocolate frosting, jello and dry ice.  (Step by step instructions are posted also)

Macy and her friends decorated the volcano cake with hot ashes (Red Hots), lava rocks (Crow's), gummy worms and gummy bugs.

Their "Masterpiece" . . .  All is calm before the big eruption!

Cool!  One friend said, "I hope it doesn't blow the ceiling off!!"

 The aftermath of "Mt. St. Macy's" - the kids (and some of the adults nearby) made sure that the gummy worms still tasted good after being covered in cherry jello lava!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Stationery card

Modern Baby Boy Birth Announcement
Turn your favorite photo into a birth announcement.
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One Month Old Already!

Bode at One Week

Three Weeks

One Month Old

It is absolutely amazing how much he's grown and changed in just four weeks!

He has gained over two pounds and really filled out.

The verdict is in and most agree that he looks like his Papa, including the red hair!